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Intelligent Digital Fitness Helper

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Our customers love our Intelligent Digital Fitness Helper! Now they know exactly what the foods they eat are doing to their bodies!

Profesional Fitness Trainers Wish You Didn't Learn About This! 


Now you can make smarter eating decisions on your own that aren't going to effect your health negatively in your weight loss journey. Spending countless hours in the gym or park exercising isn't enough if you don't know how your bodies' composition measures up.


Unhealthy eating has very negative side effects to your health and body composition. Take a look below. 


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Most of the time it's what you are eating that keeps you from reaching your weight-loss goals. This is why profesional fitness trainers always use expensive equipment to help keep track of your progress. 



Normally you would have to go to a professional fitness trainer to gain access to an expensive sophisticated device that tracks your 17 body compositions. Now you can have the same professional grade technology at the comfort of your own home. 

Some of our customers have reported to us that they can't even start their day without using our intelligent digital fitness helper because they love it so much.

They would even consider taking it with them on trips or vacations just to make sure they know exactly what's going on with their bodies when they eat. 


Our Intelligent Bluetooth Digital Fitness Helper is literally helping thousands of people on their weight loss journey. Leading to happier healthier lives. 

This device will make you realize that it’s not enough to just know your body weight. The Intelligent Digital Fitness Helper is the newest body scale which aims to serve as your own body fat management expert! 


17 Key Body Composition Analysis System - You will be surprised as to how it is able to detect almost every fibre of your being that is involved in measuring your weight. From BMI to the rate of protein in your body, this device can see it all.


Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) Technology - The cutting edge BIA technology enables this device to read health scores, data fluctuations, and perform body type analysis, and exception analysis. You can rest assured that you are on the right track to your desired outcome.


APP Wireless Control - It is easy to access with a simple connection. Simply scan QR code to open your account. The weight results are also easy to share and upload online with a single click in the app.




A scale for the whole family - It has auto-recognition of up to 8 users. It keeps the data of every account and automatically recognizes the person on the scale. It’s amazing that you get to share a body fat management expert with your family and friends!


Ultra Slim with Hidden LCD Screen Design - The ultra slim design of the device makes it more stable and the scale’s whole data will come out on the LCD screen to get a clear numerical display. It also has 4 TPU anti-slip pads to keep the absolute stability of the scale.








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